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Customer service

How to shop

How to shop:

Shopping in our online store is very simple. Just follow these few steps in you would like to place an order:

  1. In the main menu click on the button Shop Online. You can then choose a category you wish to browse.

  2. Click on the product you are interested in. Here you can click through photographs of the particular product and you can view them in high resolution. On this page you can also find information about products’ features and material composition.

  3. If you would like to purchase the product select a desired size. If you are not sure about your size and need advice, just click on the What size do I need? button. By comparing your measurements with provided size chart you will be able to find size that fits you the best.

  4. After selecting the right size click on the add to the shopping cart button. Here you can directly check out your shopping cart, or continue to browse other products. If you decide to check out later you can find the shopping cart on the top right side of your screen.

  5. In your shopping cart you can find a summary of your shopping. If you have a discount voucher please insert it now. You can then proceed to select your payment and delivery methods by clicking the Order Item button.

  6. Now please select delivery method. For UK we currently offer only a courier delivery method.

  7. We offer multiple payment options in our online store. You can pay with all major credit and debit cards, or by paying through PayPal.

  8. In the next step please fill out your personal delivery information. If you registered in our online store beforehand, you can simply enter your log in details, if not you can now take the opportunity to register in our store. If you decide to shop without registering, you can do so, as well.

  9. During the last step we kindly ask you to double check that the information you entered are correct. After confirming your order we will send you an e-mail with details about your order.


We currently offer free shipping on all orders exceeding 350 Euros or equivalent in your local currency for countries inside of the EU and EEA.

The cost of delivery for countries inside of the EU and EEA for orders below 350 Euros is 25 Euros

Shipping is being handled by a courier service DPD and takes approximately 3 - 5 working days.



In our online store you can choose to pay by using the following methods:

- By majority of world’s known debit and credit card
- By using PayPal


In case your order does not meet your expectations or you simply just changed your mind, you can return or exchange your products within 15 days after taking delivery of the order. Return postage is free of charge, you do not have to pay shipping costs since we have arranged this for you.
There are two ways to return or exchange your items:

- In any of our stores, in case you are nearby.

- By using our courier service

1. In your package you can find a short return or exchange form. Please fill out the form as clearly as possible in order to speed up the return process.

2. You can use the same box you received the order in to pack the items you wish to return. Please do not forget to pack the form, as well.

3. In the original package we sent you a prepaid return label with the address filled out. Stick it onto the original postage label.

4. Please give us a call at +421 2 4319 3963 Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:00 CET to arrange a collection. Alternatively you can e-mail us at    info@alaindelon.co.uk with two or three date & time suggestions when you would like our courier to pick up your return.








If purchased goods have been delivered damaged, customer has right to return these item(s) based on the consumer purchase agreement. For proper handling of the item(s) return, consumer is obligated to return the item(s) clean, complete and in compliance with hygiene regulations or general hygiene principles.


Consumer is also required to follow care instructions and conditions of use stated in the user manual, as well as follow general rules of using a garment. 






Consumer has the right to send purchased item(s) through online store back to the return address provided with the delivery and listed in General Terms and Conditions of the online store via designated courier or via regular post. General Terms and Conditions are provided for all customers on the website of the online store. 


 Defect item(s) must be returned from the customer via designated courier or regular post only. 


After an examination of the faulty item(s) by the seller and determination that the fault of the item(s) was not caused by the consumer, shipping costs associated with the return will be reimbursed to the consumer.


For consumer to be able to return a faulty item(s) he or she must provide an invoice or customer receipt for the purchase. 






During the sale process seller is responsible for the fact that the goods purchased comply with usability features expected of such item(s). 

If the goods were delivered faulty, these item(s) are considered in discrepancy with the buyer-seller agreement.


Seller is responsible for manufacturing and other faults that can be interpreted as discrepancy with the buyer-seller agreement during the warranty period.


Seller is not responsible for item(s)s’ faults, as well as discrepancy with the buyer-seller agreement in case the consumer caused item(s)s’ defect himself or herself, or if the consumer was aware of items’ defect before taking delivery of the order. 


Seller is not responsible for items’ faults in case there was a discount offered to the item(s) based on item(s) defect, which was caused by wear and tear; in case the item(s) was used excessively or not according to the instructions; in case it was used after reasonable life-span of such item(s). 


Seller is responsible for issuing a documentation outlining the date, type of item(s), and price of the item(s) that he received from the consumer. Seller will send this documentation to the provided e-mail address of the consumer. 


If consumer reclaims item(s) due to a defect seller is required to issue an investigation and decide whether consumer’s claim is valid in no more then 30 days from receiving items from the consumer. 


if consumer is not satisfied with seller’s response to his or hers claim he has the right to ask for e-commerce manager’s contact information who is required to examine the claim once again and find a reasonable solution for both parties





Seller is responsible for faults and defects of his products during the period of 24 month after delivery to the end consumer. 

If the product has previously been used, buyer an seller can agree on a shorter warranty period, however not longer than 12 months. 

Seller does not need to issue warranty lists if consumer does not ask for such document. As a substitute for a warranty list a receipt of purchase or invoice is satisfactory. 

Consumer is aware of the fact that the receipt of purchase or invoice as satisfactory for raising a claim. 

If consumers’ claim is resolved by item’s repair, the warranty extends by the period from raising the claim until the day consumer is responsible to collect item(s). This article applies even when the consumer fails to collect the item on time.

If consumers’ claim is resolved by replacing faulty item for a brand new one, with no defects a new warranty period for this item starts after consumer collects the item or after the date consumer has been notified to collect the item(s), whichever is first. 

If consumer raises the claim after the warranty period, seller has no longer any responsibility for products’ defects. 


In case consumer fails to collect claimed item(s) (no more than 30 days after receiving a written notification about resolution of the claim) seller has right to proceed as following:

After such 30 day period seller will send another written notification to the consumer with a new suggested period during which consumer can collect repaired item(s). 

In case consumer fails to collect claimed item(s) after this second written notification, or if the item(s) sent by courier return undelivered seller reserves the right to store these items for an approximate period of 6 months. If consumer does not contact the seller, seller reserves the right to sell the item(s) or to dispose of the item(s). 

If claimed item(s) have to be delivered to the consumer more than once due to consumers’ failure to provide correct address, or due to consumer failure to collect the items from a courier or post office, seller reserves the right to refuse to resend these items unless the consumer pays for the shipping costs for resending the item(s). 





For item(s) covered under warranty, consumer has the right to have item(s) defects removed properly, free of charge, and in reasonable time period. Seller is required to remove defects without delays. Consumer can request an exchange of the item(s) instead of removing the defects, if the cost associated with such exchange are not excessive compared to the original price of the item(s) and the defect of the item(s). Seller can always proceed with an exchange instead of conducting a repair. Costs associated with the exchange are to be assessed by the manager of the seller. He or she also examines the possibility to exchange the item(s) for a new one. 

When defects cannot be repaired and when such defects prevent an item from being properly used, consumer has the right:

  • to have item(s) exchanged or
  • to request a full refund 


Consumer has the right to choose which option he or she wants to use.

If the defect is repairable, but the same defect is appearing on the item(s) even after the repair (after at least two previous repairs of the same defect), if the product has a numerous defects at the same time (at least three removable defects) consumer has the right for an exchange or full refund. 

Same consumer rights apply if repair of a defect was not conducted within 30 days after delivering the faulty item(s) to the seller.


If there are irreparable defects on the item(s) but they do not interfere with a correct use of the item(s) consumer has the right to demand a reasonable discount, based on the character of the defect. Seller is required to provide a discount/





When selling used or defected item(s) seller must clearly mark such items to highlight that the product has been used or is defected. Seller is required to notify the consumer about the defect. This item(s) have to be sold for a lower price than a new or faultless item(s).


Seller is not responsible for defects that were caused by wear and tear, as the consumer was informed about such defects beforehand. When selling item(s) with defects for a lower price seller is not responsible for defects that were the reason for selling the item(s) for a lower price.






All consumer claims will be delt according to the law of Slovak Republic. 


These reclamation terms listed above serve only for informative purposes, the full legal version is available in Slovak language on http://www.alaindelon.sk/reklamacny-poriadok-a147 


All disputes with regards to product defects will be resolved under the law and courts of Slovak Republic. 

Online Dispute Resolution

We would like to bring to your attention that you can exersice all your rights and claims against our organisation through the alternative Online Dispute Resolution programme.

Online Dispute Resolution is administered by the European Commision. All claims against you can be exersiced through the European platform in the same manner.

You can register your compaints though the Online Dispute Resolution platform on the following website:


The use of alternative Online Dispute Resolution saves both time and money, as you compaint will be dealt with within 90 days, and without considerable financial costs.

In case of any questions do not hesistate to contact us at: info@alaindelon.sk